Vital biodynamics

Biodynamic farmers make it a priority to maintain the balance of the planet, giving back to the earth more than they take from it by cultivating it.

What is Biodynamic Agriculture?

It is a type of agriculture that bases its activity on placing the living components of a farm in an interrelated whole that balances the arrangement of nutrients between agricultural production and other elements that cohabit the farm, with the aim of working the land in the most respectful way possible.

The most significant difference is that biodynamic agriculture works with the vital energies in nature and not only with the material needs.

With the launch of VITAL Biodynamics on the market, Agrotecnología aims to respond to the requirements of a society that demands food cultivated in the most natural way possible.

Since its origin, Agrotecnologia has offered farmers natural solutions without chemical residues.

For this reason, many of the products in the company’s general catalogue have been certified as FIBL without the need to adapt their formulas, emphasising absolute respect for the environment and sustainability.


From Agrotecnologia we focus more on the part of the land than on the cosmic rhythms, because in the second one we cannot intervene in anything, so we focus on the level of the field – earth – giving back more than we take away.


Natural plant protection products with insecticide or acaricide properties based on mineral combinations and fertilisers with botanical extracts that are highly effective against the target pests.

Natural plant protection products based on micro-organisms, mineral combinations and fertilisers with botanical extracts, activating plant defence mechanisms.
Productos para la Nutrición Vegetal
Natural biostimulant fertilisers that improve the quality of nutrition for plants and crop performance.

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