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Grupo Agrotecnología obtains two new phytosanitary registrations in Chile

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Agrotecnología launches onto the market Rocketter®

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Grupo Agrotecnología joins Grupo Rovensa

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Grupo Agrotecnología S.L. is a company dedicated to research, development, manufacture and sale of products environmentally friendly for the protection and nutrition of crops.

With more than 20 years of experience and strong R&D activity, Grupo Agrotecnlogía is constantly evolving, offering the latest generation products for agricultural markets.

Its headquartersare located in Spain, from where it serves European and African markets, and also has branches in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and China.


Grupo Agrotecnología was set in Spain in 1997, with a business line focused on the reproduction, technical assistance and sale of auxiliary insects.

At that time, and important fact that affected organic agriculture was that the offer of pesticides harmed the population of auxiliary insects. To face it, Grupo Agrotecnología developed its first line of organic products, based on:

  • Safe biopesticides for auxiliary insects.
  • Biostimulantsand Biofertilizers to increases natural self-defenses of the plant.

Due to this experience, GrupoAgrotecnologíagained a deep knowledge aboutthe management ofthe plant’s ecosystem. However, organic products hadlower efficiency than the single-molecule chemicals that fought the pathogen very effectively.

Given this limitation, GrupoAgrotecnologíachose to rethink its research approach, incorporating two new strategies:

  • THE WORLD AS A LAB: we use the world as a generator of ideas and natural substances. Grupo Agrotecnologíacoworks with universities, research centers and private or government laboratories, that constantly generate new ideas.
  • EACH COMPONENT CONTRIBUTES TO THE SOLUTION: we look for an alternative way to protect plants, drawing inspiration from the natural balance, in which many substances interact to achieve a result.

The solution: Bioevology Technology
In 2017, Grupo Agrotecnología defines a new line of 2nd generation of biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers more effective, based on the natural balance. These products can be defined as a true ecosystem where different molecules that arenot effective separately, achieve high efficiency when properly mixed.

Due to this new vision, Grupo Agrotecnología is able to offer many answers to the current demands of world market, and we have decided to invest in all relevant aspects of the sector:

  • Technical and Marketing support: to bring all necessary assistance to the field.
  • Regulatory sector: we are able to register our products worldwide, generating:
    • Studies of physicochemical properties.
    • Toxicological and Eco-toxicological studies.
    • Efficacy tests.
  • Supply System: we choose outstanding partners to distribute our products over 20 countries. Grupo Agrotecnología offers its partners:
    • Technical support.
    • Local trials.
    • Training.
    • Marketing.
    • Product registration.
    • Logistical assistance.
  • Certificates: we have theapproval of most relevant CertificationAgencies for: organic agriculture, biological control, plant nutrition. In addition, due to our products free of synthesized chemicals and GMOs, we are able to obtain certifications worldwide.


Improve the agricultural sector and attain a modern and sustainable agriculture by offering innovative solutions for the protection and vegetal nutrition focused on improving the quality of crops, while respecting the environment and the needs of producers and consumers.

Our values

- Commitment to ongoing research and development.
- Customer focused.
- Sustainability.
- Excellence in our products and services.


Become a leader in high value agricultural crops by contributing effective solutions in biocontrol and vegetal nutrition and being recognized by our commitment to the environment, consumers and growers.

Grupo Agrotecnología distributes throughout Spain covering almost all of the main crops. It has a wide network of trained sales specialists situated in key locations and according to the existing crops and the characteristics of the market. They are supported by networks of marketing and technical advisors. Grupo Agrotecnología is headquartered in Spain, from where it serves the European and African markets. The company also has branches in Mexico, Grupo Agrotecnología México, to serve the North and Central American markets and Grupo Agrotecnología Sur, located in Chile, to supply the South American clients.

Area managers

Alvaro Gonzalez

Álvaro González

Álvaro González

Álvaro González

Jaime Ruíz

David Lirola

Antonio Tena

Area managers

Alvaro González

François Leclerc

David Pérez

Grupo Agrotecnología is headquartered in Spain, where the company supports European and African market demands. The company also has branches in Mexico, Grupo Agrotecnología México, to serve North and Central American markets and Grupo Agrotecnología Sur, located in Chile, supplies South American demand.

Grupo Agrotecnología invests significantly in R&D programs to continuously evolve existing products and develop solutions for different types of crops. Our R&D department is constantly searching for new production technologies to supply innovative, efficient and competitive products.

Our collaboration with national and international universities and organizations guarantee the maximum quality and the continuous innovation of our R&D department.

Headquarters Office
Grupo Agrotecnología • Polígono Puente Alto, Parcela 57• 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) Spain
Telephone: +34 96 673 82 32 • Fax: +34 965 302 115•

Grupo Agrotecnología México
Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 107 - 601 • Colonia Tabacalera • Delegación Cuauhtémoc • C.P. 06030 México D.F.
Telephone +(52) 55 5368 6629 •

Grupo Agrotecnología Sur
Parcela 19 Lote A1, San José de las Mercedes • VI Región, Chile
Telephone (+56) 72 553696 •


Polígono Puente Alto, Parcela 57 • 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) Spain • Tels.: 34 96 673 82 32 • Fax: 965 302 115

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