Grupo Agrotecnología, Event Partner of the Plant Protection & Nutrition

Raleigh will host the Plant Protection and Nutrition: Innovation and Commercialization Congress from 20 to 22 May 2019. In addition to being an Event Partner and having its own stand, Grupo Agrotecnología will participate by holding a conference entitled ‘Smart Bacillus-based formulations: successful solutions against fungal diseases affecting row and cash crops’.

Grupo Agrotecnología promoter partner of the CAOVBA Cluster

Grupo Agrotecnología participates as a promoting partner in the creation of the Orihuela-Vega Baja Agrifood Cluster (CAOVBA by its acronym in spanish), the first dedicated to the sector in the Valencian Community. The reason for being of CAOVBA is to revalue and boost the region’s agri-food sector both nationally and internationally.

Grupo Agrotecnologia revamps its brand image

As part of its commitment to internationalisation, the company has revamped its visual image while maintaining its essence and underscoring its “Zero Residue” approach. Its new corporate image reflects a commitment to transmitting the intrinsic and distinguishing values defining the company’s “DNA”.