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Grupo Agrotecnología obtains two new phytosanitary registrations in Chile

The Oriolan company has obtained phytosanitary registrations in Chile for two of its biofungicide pr...

Agrotecnología launches onto the market Rocketter®

Rocketter® minimizes the abiotic stress caused by some phytosanitary products...


Grupo Agrotecnología joins Grupo Rovensa

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Agrotecnología launches onto the market Rocketter®

Abiotic stress is a constant concern in the world of agriculture, a problem that carries negative consequences, such as modification in the plant growth pattern or alterations in energy metabolic pathways. Abiotic stress can happen because of several factors: droughts, floods, some phytosanitary products application, high temperatures or poor soil conditions.

Grupo Agrotecnología has been working to minimize abiotic stress, and thus increase the yield of crops, achieving a perfect metabolic balance.

Rocketter® emerges after months of research, rigorous analysis and trials around the world: Rocketter® is an exclusive biostimulant with molecular action based on an optimized mixture of selected nutrients and biopolymers formulated with the exclusive MatrixPro® technology, which allows biopolymers to get fixed with high affinity to the plant surface, forming a biopolymeric matrix, which is capable of maintaining moisture and nutrients integrated in their bioavailable and active forms. Rocketter® significantly reduces the effects produced by abiotic stress caused by some phytosanitary treatments, and that is reflected in plant vigor and a increase of the final yield.

Therefore, thanks to MatrixPro® exclusive technology from the Agrotecnología Group, Rocketter®, in addition to stabilizing a greater number of nutrients in its biopolymer matrix, gives them greater mobility and increases the residence time of moisture on the plant surface.

In addition, its low dosage translates into a low investment, a low cost per hectare and an increase in productivity. 

This is how Enrique Riquelme, CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología understands it:

“We are very satisfied, because we believe that the launch of a product like this, is the summary of a lot of work. From Grupo Agrotecnología we are aware that all our development has been based on an internationalization process, this not only consists in going out there, but in presenting solutions with guarantees, extrapolated to any type of harvest, and always doing it in a sustainable way " .

In conclusion, Grupo Agrotecnología does not stop innovating, they keep showing their best version after its recent incorporation to Grupo Rovensa, looking to the future and offering technological advances at the service of science.

Grupo Agrotecnología's environmental and sustainable development strategy is a clear commitment to the sector and to intelligent, comprehensive, competitive agriculture that is sensitive to environmental problems and respects and cares for the world around us while ensuring the food safety of those who inhabit it.


Polígono Puente Alto, Parcela 57 • 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) Spain • Tels.: 34 96 673 82 32 • Fax: 965 302 115

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