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Tec-Fort formulated with the exclusive Promicell Technology.

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Grupo Agrotecnología MILAGRUM PLUS has attained COFEPRIS registration as a biofungicide in Mexico

Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the field of biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilizers and a pioneer in the Zero Residue strategy, has attained phytosanitary registration of MILAGRUM PLUS from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) in Mexico.

This phytosanitary registration, valid until 30/97/2023, is a seal of guarantee in the market at the time of proposing specific solutions adapted to the characteristics and needs of Mexican agriculture. One of the Group's foreign subsidiaries is in Mexico, where it works with a true commitment to incorporate new strategies and new synergies adapted to the paradigm shift of sustainable agriculture.

MILAGRUM PLUS is a natural biofungicide, and an international benchmark for controlling and managing mildew. MILAGRUM PLUS’ maximum efficacy is comparable or even superior to that of a conventional chemical, without contributing any type of pesticide residue for the consumer and has no health risks. In Mexico, the product for Pseudoperonospora cubensis has been registered in cucurbits (cucumber, pumpkin, chayote, chilacayote, watermelon, melon, zucchini) and for Peronospora destructor in bulbs (garlic, onion, chives, shallot, leek, asparagus, etc.). It is naturally sourced, it poses no harm to the environment, and it is OMRI certified for organic agriculture and for integrated protection or zero residue treatment programs.

The sanitary registration of MILAGRUM PLUS in Mexico is a substantial milestone for Grupo Agrotecnología in its commitment to international expansion as a result of continuous work and the strong investment made in the Zero Residue field of biostimulants and biopesticides. Enrique Riquelme, Grupo Agrotecnología CEO, tells us, “We are currently immersed in an internationalization process in order to strengthen our international presence in new markets with the aim of becoming a clear international benchmark.” The company, Riquelme informs us, “Has 10 sanitary registrations and we plan to expand this number to 15 in the next two years, thereby achieving the number one position in terms of the market’s natural biopesticide registrations.”



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