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Grupo Agrotecnología, Gold Sponsor at Biostimulants World Congress.

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Grupo Agrotecnología opens a new subsidiary in Brazil.

Brazil: a new milestone for the Grupo Agrotecnología in its international expansion strategy. This n...


Grupo Agrotecnología opens a new subsidiary in Brazil.

Brazil: a new milestone for the Grupo Agrotecnología in its international expansion strategy. This new subsidiary buttresses and strengthens the Group's presence in Central and South America, where it already has three other subsidiaries: Mexico, Chile and Peru. 
Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the field of biostimulants, biopesticides, and biofertilizers, and a pioneer in the Zero Residue strategy, has opened a new subsidiary in Brazil. This new business milestone exhibits its process of international expansion and direct commitment, while strengthening and fortifying its presence in Central and South America, where it already has three subsidiaries operating: Mexico, Chile and Peru. 

Grupo Agrotecnología has become a prominent leader in sustainable agriculture, free of phytosanitary residue, both in Spain and beyond. Its international strategy calls for new projects and new markets. The opening of these new subsidiaries means a considerable increase in its export capacity and, therefore, renown and recognition with respect to its competition, especially for the effectiveness of its Zero Residue products and its environmental commitments, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. In the coming years the company does not rule out the opening of new international markets in the United States, Argentina, Poland, Germany and Italy. 

Enrique Riquelme, CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología, confirms that "the subsidiary opened in Brazil forms part of the process of international expansion in which our company is engaged, providing a direct response to the market of this country, just as we are doing in our other locations". Riquelme continues: "this opening contributes to the development and projection of new strategies and synergies to be a leader in Zero Residue at the international level in the fields of biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilizers. Our cornerstone is R&D, which requires perseverance, investment and work, as well as an attitude of commitment to the environment, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. 

Grupo Agrotecnología S.L. is a Spanish company dedicated to research and development and the manufacture and marketing of products for the protection and nourishment of environmentally sound agricultural crops. Grupo Agrotecnología is headquartered in Spain, from where it serves the markets of Europe and Africa. It also has four subsidiaries: Grupo Agrotecnología Mexico, to cover Central America and North America; Grupo Agrotecnología Sur, located in Chile, to serve all of South America; Grupo Agrotecnología del Perú, to supply Peruvian agriculture; and Grupo Agrotecnología Brasil, to serve this immense country.



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