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Grupo Agrotecnología provides its clients with treatments programs by crop to achieve zero residue. They present the products to use during the cycle and the way to use them to obtain healthy crops, with high yields at the best cost and always guaranteeing zero residue.
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Organic Agriculture

The organic agriculture consists in reaching the highest yields of natural resources (soil, water, light and space) using only environment friendly solutions.

Crop rotation:Mantener la fertilidad de los suelos y evitar los problemas fitosanitarios con la alternación de cultivos de familias distintas e introducción de abonos naturales.

Crop associations:Plant two or more different species in the same field (e.g. Vegetables and grains).

Surrounding hedges: Hedges on the sides of a field provide a shelter and a source of food to beneficial insects and better water retention and wind protection.

Plant covers: Grass has a positive impact on the recycling of nutritive elements, improves soil structure, and increases microbiological activity and the level of vegetal compounds in the soil. Recommended for woody crops.

Integration of livestock: Animals are playing an important role in agricultural systems, producing manure and sustaining the nutrient cycles.

Fertilization: The norm on organic agriculture establishes that fertility as well as biological activity of the soil will have to remain the same or rise. The appropriate ways to fertilize are: growing leguminous plants, leaving the organic waste of deep roots cereals after harvesting (with crop rotation) and/or incorporating organic waste from other organic farms. Only fermented compost should be used to respect the level of microorganisms and vegetal materials.

Certification and quality

Grupo Agrotecnología is a member of various associations of organic agriculture and vegetal nutrition. They bring together several technology-based companies to get training on enhancing profitability and gathering information about Spanish and European legislation concerning agriculture and protection of the environment.

The broad range of products from Técnicas de Control Biológico (TCB) is recognized worldwide by the main control and certification agencies and in compliance with organic agriculture regulations. These products, free of chemicals and GMOs, are certified to be commercialized and exported to Europe, Japan (JAS), the United States and South America (NOP).


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